Thursday, May 22, 2008

Cocoa Says..Be Happily Nappy

The trials and tribulations of a happily nappy sister.


Ananda said...

Amen Shawna. I love your nappy theme today. I have been au naturelle since 1994 ... right before I turned the big 30. As soon as I became natural woman with a close cut caesar Jada Pinket Smith-Camille Cosby look, my cool points increased. My locs nowadays bring much attention. I wanna say that I feel better internally and externally with my natural hair. It has helped me really let go and tap into my full self. For me it is a spiritual thang. I feel like your Cocoa Says moments can be put into a Cocoa Says pocket book of sayings that folks can carry with them. Affirming your highest and greatest good. Peace, Ananda

Shawna Renee said...
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My Sisterlocks Experience said...

I'm an "ex-Detroiter" to.

I have been natural for a few years, but fiending to find a natural hairstyle that I liked and could manage, so I got Sisterlocks in 2006.

The negative comments about my hair were from other black people. Now people say, ooooh I love your hair.

No more damaged hair due to perming, braiding and weaving. Natural is the way to go.