Friday, May 30, 2008

Cocoa Says...Watch Out For The Big Gurlz

...cause they're about to change their lives for the better.


Ananda said...

Brava. We all needed to hear your post on sistaloves taking better care of their health by starting with acceptance.

Sensual2u said...

Im ready to put my 2cents in. You always hear that the big girl has Diabetes, high blood pressure and whatever. But there are smaller women who has the same things. No one never mentions that. No...they always mention about the big girl.
There are plenty of big girls who are healthy too. They work-out and I dont mean at the dinner tables for all the narrow-minded people out there. They work out at the gym. And have healthy reports from their doctors too. So what you say about that? What do you say is the reason why the smaller women get the same illness as the big girl?
Big girls are just as beautiful as the small girls...if not more. The big girls attitudes are a lot better then a lot of smaller girls too. A lot of the smaller women have attitudes that make them think they are the sh*t. Then if thats the case, why are there so many men..and yes I mean our black men, into the big girls? And I know for a fact that a lot of these men have it going on in business, health and looks. These men work out at the gym just about every day. And still LOVE THEIR BIG GIRLS!
And no im not getting off the subject. Whats fair IS fair. Just dont point fingers at the big girls because of their sizes. Look at ALL women when it comes to health...or anything else.
Im beginning to see why the actress Monique said..."SKINNY GIRLS ARE EVIL..."