Monday, June 9, 2008

Don't these people know we're in a recession?

I like to think I'm a pretty optimistic gal. When times get tough I try to remind myself that things could be worse and for the most part it works. But it's getting real hard to remain in denial about this nasty little economic recession we're experiencing. Like many of you I'm really starting to feel the pinch in my pocketbook. This is especially hard for a lady like me who looooooves to shop. I have a thing for handbags, shoes and pretty summer dresses but with times as they are it's becoming more difficult to afford beautiful clothes. Especially when gas is a trillion dollars a gallon and I'm paying more for a dozen eggs than I would for a chicken. This is why I don't understand the fashion editors who continue to feature outrageously priced items in their magazines - as if. Are you going to spend $500.00 for a pair of flip flops? Don't these people know we're in a recession? The unemployment rate is the highest it's been in years and you're recommending I spend $125.00 for a 1oz jar of wrinkle cream? C'mon now!

Luckily all is not lost, some designers actually understand and are making products available for those of us who are a little more "economically challenged". Like my girl Kimora Lee Simmons, the queen of all things fabulous, who makes no apologies for her grand lifestyle but understands we're all not there - yet. Her new line Fabulocity will be available at JC Penny this July. The line includes cute little sportswear options for young women (or young at heart women). Speaking of JC Penny don't forget about Nicole Miller's line of cute dresses and blouses. For the young men in your life, Sears will be teaming up with Todd Smith (AKA L.L. Cool J) to create an affordable line of casual wear under the L.L. Cool J label.

Then of course there's my favorite store, Target, who's been on the cutting edge of the mass market designer trend for years. Their latest offering is the GO International line by Rogan Gregory. Of course there's also Simply Vera (Wang) at Khols.

Ladies, let's not let these crazy economic times prevent us from looking and feeling our best. Worst come to worst I'll pull out my sewing machine and we can do an old fashioned sewing circle...Cocoa Style. Don't think I won't. Anyhoo, if you're looking for more tips on looking fabulous for less, please visit the ladies over at The Budget Fashonista. Gotta love it!

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Ananda said...

I loved this post. Keep it read Cocoa Mode.... keep it real.

Unknown said...

Stumbled ya! Helpin my girl take over the world one word at time.