Wednesday, June 18, 2008

In Case You Missed It....

Author Jewel Woods stopped by Cocoa Mode in the Eagles Nest to discuss his new book, Don't Blame it on Rio: The Real Deal Behind Why Men Go to Brazil for Sex. Shawna and Jewel explore the disconnect between Middle Class African American men and women and how it contributes to need for African American men to travel thousands of miles in search of power, respect and s.e.x.

Enjoy the interview and check back for Part 2 in the coming weeks.

**NOTE** Cocoa Mode in the Eagles Nest is part of the new Joe Madison and friends segment, you will hear a long intro for the Joe Madison show at the beginning of the podcast.


Anonymous said...

I found your interview amusing and disturbing. amusing because of your and his assumption that all black women are straight; some of us are gay or bisexual, and don't care who men sleep with. Disturbing bececause they now give out degrees to people who don't cross reference their research- 'How Stella got Her Groove Back' is about black women who practice sexual tourism in Jamaica (one of the characters advises Stella to do just that), and about families who assume that the heroine's boytoy is really just a male hooker- and there have been numerous articles about men who practice sexual toursm all over the world, using the same tired reasons as those given by Mr Wood's informants.
When American white men say that American white women are too bossy, don't understand their needs, and don't appreciate them, we don't say it's about how they are oppressed because of their race. When white men who go to college and get good jobs complain that tne media doesn't portray them as being sexy as compared to rock stars and slackers, we don't call that racism either- we call it whining and an excuse to practice exploitation. The fact that a man might be an activist is beside the point- numerous white priests and ministers have also abused women, and men like Bill Clinton, while publicly supporting women's rights, have had no problem treating women like disposable objects in private.
Black women are not validated in the media, either, and the strong ones are publicly reviled, disparaged and ignored by black men. It's no wonder that black women are so angry- a woman would have to be suffering from brain damage to not be angry.

Fortunately, some of us are no longer angry, because we have found a way out- we no longer sleep with black men unless they want an egalitarian relationship based on mutual respect and support. And if we can't find a black man who qualifies, we've found that there are plenty of white, Asian, and Latino men who find our charms irresistable. My white boyfriend loves my short natural hair, rounded hips, and PhD. He likes discussing politics and art, and eating in a variety of restaurants. He could care less about sports. He even thinks I'm smarter than him, and he likes that too. what he can't understand is why black men assume I'm bossy, frigid, and grossly overweight, or that I hate men, since it's obvious that I love sex with him, am feminine and relatively mild-mannered, care about my looks, and give as good as I get in a discussion. That I don't wait on him hand and foot or cater to his every whim is fine by him.

Black women and Jewish women have something in common- no matter who we have sex with, we'll always have children who are like us. Every child of a Jewish mother is a Jew, and every child of a black mother is black. We don't need black men to have black children or support black people. If certain black men can't or won't step up to the plate, then I for one am glad when the delude themselves into thinking that Brazilian whores would do it with them for free. That's one less moron pestering educated, beautiful and sensual women like me.

Ananda said...

Hey Cocoa Mode. Just listened to the interview. I am looking forward to part 2.