Wednesday, June 11, 2008

It's official...I'm back in business.

Beginning June 19th make sure you tune in every Thursday morning at 8:00am ET for Cocoa in the Eagles Nest on the Joe Madison show on XM Channel 169 - The Power.

But wait, there's more
This Friday, June 13th I'll be in the house to start a little trouble with Jewel Woods, author Don't Blame it on Rio: The Real Deal Behind Why Men Travel to Brazil for Sex. We'll discuss the reasons why African American men are traveling thousands of miles to find what they can't get at home. We'll also explore how this trend is effecting the women left behind at home and in Brazil. Tune in Friday the 13th (!) at 9:00am ET on XM Channel 169.

But wait, there's more
If you miss the show or you don't have XM, be sure to check the website after the show for a free download of the show...That's right...FREE

Stick around ladies this is just the beginning!


Ananda said...

ooh wee... i am excited. congratulations on all of the great opportunities. more goodness is coming your way.

Unknown said...

Ok, this sucx!!!! 169 isn't on the online XM!! And chris has the player thingy for the car. I wanna know why he wants to go to Brazil!!!!!

Unknown said...

I just got through listening to the show. And here's the thing - I don't think brothers go to Brazil on an elaborate attempt to shortchange or abandon sisters. It's another version of going to Cancun or the Essence Festival or Freaknik in its day.

I don't understand why sisters would really get mad about it. Haven't Black women gone to the islands for some years now? Like the old Eddie Murphy "Dexter St. Jacque" joke? Or in real life, Terri McMillan aka Stella?

So I'm just saying its not that serious. If cats are saying that Black women aren't giving them what they want sexually, then obviously they have made attempts with sisters.