Monday, May 12, 2008

Cocoa Says...

Welcome to another week. I hope all of the Cocoa Mamas had a wonderful Mother's Day.

This week in honor of National Women's Health Week and Mental Health Month, Cocoa Says is helping women everywhere get and stay healthy!

We're all working hard to take care of our families, build our careers and maybe even squeeze in a little bit of a social life, but we now know that without our health (physical and mental) it won't matter because we may not be around to enjoy the fruits of our labor. So what's an overworked stressed out sister to do? Well, you can start by taking a listen to today's Cocoa Says, and come back for all week long as I share 20 tips to helping creating the kind of life you want and deserve!

So up 1st...5 things you can do today to make relax your mind and have a little fun!

Do you have a tip to share, leave it in the comments section. Inspired Flyness is a movement, let's all get there together.

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