Wednesday, July 16, 2008

It's that time again....

It's time for the season premier of the show to which all reality based competition shows are compared. PROJECT RUNWAY! Season 5 premiers tonight and I will be glued to the T.V. waiting to see what crazy challenges Tim, Heidi and Nina come up with this time around. I'll also be keeping an eye on the TWO sisters who participating in this season's challenge.

Up first Terri: A 39 year old free-lance designer from Chicago who's worked as an assistant designer to Barbara Bates, a stylist and merchandiser for Nordstrom, and a regional visual manager for Levi's. She is currently working as a Victoria's Secret visual manager and would like to break out with her own designs. She has eclectic and funky styles that compliment her own unique personality. Karl Lagerfeld is Terri's biggest fashion inspiration.

Next, Korto: A 33 year old Liberian native who moved to Canada to attend Fashion School. The Bravo website lists her status as "still sewing", not sure what that means. She is inspired by rich fabrics and textures and says her designs are intended for real, full-figured women. In her spare time, Korto works as a freelance fashion photographer, dances in an African dance troupe and does African hair braiding and makeup. She says her family considers her to be fun and easygoing.

The brothers are also represented by Jerell, a 28 year old former model turned designers. Like Korto, he is "still sewing" and describes his style as "eclectic and bold".

Here's an interesting little tidbit, in the past four seasons only one woman has walked away with the crown (and the money)and none of the African American contestants have won, though we came close with Mycheal Knight and Kara Saun. Maybe this year we'll kill two birds with one stone and see a sista' girl rise to the top. Keep your fingers crossed!!!

Check out the Bravo website for more info.

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